Why London Is A Good Vacation Destination

London is one of those cities in Europe you have to visit. Whether you live in the UK or you live in Europe, London is a must-visit destination. The issue people have with this fantastic city is that it can be an expensive holiday. Nevertheless, there are many fantastic places to visit in London which is why you should consider it. Let’s take a look at what you can see and do in the capital of the UK.

Fantastic Sightseeing

The reason why many people visit London is because of the amazing sights to see. The history that this city holds is phenomenal. Some of those include Big Ben, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye. There are also the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and Trafalgar Square. If you are only staying in London for the Weekend, you will just be visiting the most popular places to visit in the capital.

A Great Shopping Spot

London is known for many things but one of the main attractions is its shopping. Covent Garden, Oxford Street and Regent Street are very popular amongst shoppers. Everything is in one spot so you can shop until you drop. However, due to its popularity, it can be a difficult area to shop in. We advise you to visit London on weekdays which aren’t during the school holidays. Plus, there is Harrods where you can leave your car at Harrods car park and enjoy your spending spree.

Why London Is A Good Vacation Destination

Wonderful Nightlife

Another great part about London is the nightlife. It can make for a great weekend away as it is full of Michelin-starred restaurants and stunning bars where you can dance all night long. Plus, many fantastic hotels are located in the city centre.

Sometimes, it isn’t all about nightclubs and dancing until the sun rises. Instead, people would prefer to visit quirky bars and old-school pubs that they can hop between. London is great for both friends, family or your partner when it comes to partying. It has a bar for everyone.

London Has Plenty Of History

When you are sightseeing, there is something that you will notice and that’s its history. London has been the capital for hundreds of years, since 1066. Ever since then, it has become a very affluent centre.

There are many buildings and museums where you can learn more about the history of the capital and England. The London Dungeon is one of those great spots to visit if you wish to learn more about London. The whole of England has stemmed from the history of England so it is worth visiting if you consider yourself a history geek.


As you can see, there are plenty of things to see and do when visiting London. There is no wonder why it is such a popular tourist destination. If you are a UK citizen and you are visiting London for the weekend, you can either travel by train or take a car. There is plenty of parking such as Bond Street car park and Oxford Street car park which are located right in the city centre.